Aiveen Daly

Aiveen Daly was born in Ireland and originally studied Business & Russian at Trinity College in Dublin before working in Marketing for a few years. She found herself pining for a more creative life and then decided to found her London based studio. Ever since then, she has been designing and creating commissions for top-end clients and designers. Aiveen experiments with different techniques which are now embedded in her unique brand. Specialities include fabric manipulation, hand bead work, embroidery and leather crafts. Her commissions are multi-layered, extremely complicated and use expensive, bespoke materials that take months to develop.

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“It’s exciting to experiment with old techniques such as embroidery and marry with high tech laser or cnc cutting.”

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Aiveen’s work can be found on some of the most exclusive yachts and homes in the world. She says her clients have beautiful properties, artworks and clothes and so expect excellence in everything she does. When she started out, Aiveen originally took inspiration from the natural world and couture fashion but now looks to everything from ceramics to jewellery to inspire her works.

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