Winch Design and Thomas Mercer have a long history of collaboration spanning the decades since their inception. Established in London in 1858, Thomas Mercer is a name forever synonymous with the marine chronometer, the timekeeper invented for determining longitude at sea. Today the company diligently and proudly upholds the tradition of British clock-making by manufacturing exclusive marine and table chronometers that grace the interiors of the finest yachts and residences.

Winch Design and Thomas Mercer have come together to create two unique horological sculptures, both singing with the spirit of the sea. 


Taking inspiration from the natural world, Andrew and the interior design teams studied the shapes, curves and proportions of shells collected from beaches around the world. The team found themselves drawn to the spiral of the Nautilus whose elegant form follows the golden ratio of the Fibonacci sequence. 

Synonymous with the characteristics of the ocean, Nautilus is the ultimate statement piece for a superyacht interior, intended to be showcased and admired. When displayed in sunlight, it sings, as the intricate details within the crystal are revealed.

“Yet again, it is a pleasure to be able to work closely with Thomas Mercer to bring to life another unique timepiece which sings with the spirit of the sea. The craftmanship of both Thomas Mercer and Marmor Hotavlje has rendered this outstanding and unique horological sculpture a triumph and showcases the time honoured skillset of both these inspirational studios. "
- Andrew Winch


The word 'Chelys' derives from the Latin form of the original Ancient Greek which describes a musical instrument made of a shell, its convex form resembling those of this fine chronometer. The sinuous and sophisticated lines of the Chelys are carved out of white onyx, a semiprecious white natural stone with immaculate crystalline background and evocative waves undulating through its structure.

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