Daniela Boutsen, Founder, Daniela Boutsen

Born in Berlin on the Western side of “The Wall”, Daniela grew up in an environment open to cultural diversity. From a very early age, Daniela loved art and beautiful items. It was during her apprenticeship at the renowned KPM (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur), the Royal Porcelain Manufacture in her native Berlin, that Daniela’s passion for the very finest ‘Art de la Table’, was born. Daniela co-founded Boutsen Aviation in 1997 with her husband Thierry, a sales brokerage company based in Monaco. While Thierry led the front end operations, Daniela managed the back office side of the company but her dream for art and design lingered. This dream would soon become a reality after a client commissioned her to take care of the interior decoration of an Airbus 319. Daniela coordinated everything from the pillows to the flower vases, tableware and champagne bucket to the final cashmere throws. As a result, having encountered all that comes with the completion of large aircraft, the concept of Daniela Boutsen was born. That moment marked the beginning of Daniela’s second career where her passion for the ‘art de la table’ was finally fulfilled with the inauguration at the Dubai Airshow in 2012. The company has grown rapidly to include the ‘one-stop shop’ showroom in Monaco and a significant logistics centre. In just a few years Daniela has accomplished many great milestones and looks forward to many more to come.

Gulfstream G550
Daniela Boutsen
Airbus 319