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At Winch Design, boundaries are continuously pushed. Something that starts as a dream will become a reality in time and the designers at Winch stretch the limits of form and function every day to make dreams come true.

But what of the future? Will there ever come a time when Winch Design projects stop growing in stature? Never. And that’s because clients’ dreams never stop growing. Thankfully, everyone has a dream. How sad the world would be if they didn’t. And even though their visions become bigger and increasingly complex, it is the studio's job to continue to take risks and to overcome challenges in order to realise them. Some dreams, like landing on the moon, are complicated. But if that happened almost fifty years ago, today, anything can.

Concept visual for a sprawling, open plan beach club
Project Halo: A private airship concept, capable of carrying its own superyacht 
A futuristic indoor beach club swimming pool
One of the viewing areas on Project Halo

Secret house: Concept visual for a futuristic country property