Downward Arrow

The conservation and protection of our planet is something Winch Design cares strongly about, and it is committed to minimising its ecological footprint, both through the support of green charities such as The Blue Marine Foundation and the use of sustainable products and suppliers. Even small changes in the office such as banning plastic bottles and replacing paper towels with hand dryers all add up to play their part in the much bigger picture. We have also been awarded The Planet Mark, supported by the Eden Project, it is an official recognition of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The global shift in attitudes to the natural world is something the studio intends to continue supporting across all three of its departments and more and more decisions throughout the design phases of its projects are being made with this in mind. Has this wood come from a sustainable forest?  Are our leather suppliers using ecological dyes and is this production process as efficient as possible? These are the sort of questions that have to be asked daily.