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The conservation and protection of our planet is something Winch Design cares strongly about. Winch is committed to minimising its carbon footprint, at both a studio and project level. Small changes in the office such as banning plastic bottles and replacing paper towels with hand dryers all add up to play their part in the much bigger picture. 
Winch Design is dedicated to progressing the sustainable mission within the bespoke design sector. Increasingly, decisions are made throughout the design process to improve the sustainable credentials of the project. Has this wood come from a sustainable forest?  Are the leather suppliers using sustainable dyes and is this production process as efficient as possible? These are the sort of questions that have to be asked daily.

Winch has been awarded The Planet Mark, supported by the Eden Project, as an official recognition of the collective efforts to reduce the carbon emissions from the studio.

The Eco Committee

The dedicated Eco Committee at Winch Design is made up of employees from all studios and central departments, from Board members, to designers and the IT team. They meet regularly to discuss and implement ideas to improve sustainable practices at Winch Design, be at the studio level, or relating to the design, procurement and production of Winch Design projects

Winch Design signed the Water Revolution Foundation's ‘Code of Conduct’ in February 2020, officiating the studios commitment to promoting sustainability within the superyachting sector.

The Water Revolution Foundation is the only non-profit, science driven foundation to emerge from the superyacht industry that is aiming to lead with a 360-degree focus on yacht design, construction and operation. It wants to pave the way towards minimal impact, with a focus on technology, policy and conservation. WRF benefits from its connection with affluent clientele and is well-positioned to lead the way for the wider maritime industry.


In addition to pledging commitment to The Water Revolution Foundation’s Code of Conduct, Winch Design has also become a signatory to The Walpole British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto.

The Manifesto will be built upon four key pillars:

1. Lead the transition towards a circular economy
2. Safeguard the environment and natural resources
3. Guide partners + suppliers towards sustainable practices.
4. Advocate equal and respectful working conditions