Lauri Church, Chief Designer, Comlux

Lauri began her career in the VIP world of green completions in Dallas, Texas, where she spent nearly 20 of her 30 years working for Associated Air Center as a licensed Interior Designer and Office Manager. In addition to managing several Interior Design Departments throughout her career, Lauri has always stayed involved in all aspects of the design process. She has developed a very strong reputation in the aviation industry and is known as one of the top Aviation Interior Designers. She has had the honor to have designed hundreds of private VIP completions ranging in size from Lear Jets to an Airbus 330 as well as countless refurbishment projects throughout her career. Lauri began her career with Comlux in 2011 and is the head of their US-based Interior Design group “Comlux Creatives”. Where she built the Design Department from the ground up. Since its creation, Lauri and her team have completed over 30 spectacular private VIP completions. Her main goal for Comlux Creatives is to design unique and elegant aircraft that are handcrafted, and tailor-made for our clientele. Creating a beautiful balance between stylish interiors and functionality is an area in which Comlux Completions excel at.

ACJ320 Lounge
Lauri Church, Comlux
A330 Main Entry
BBJ Lounge
Comlux Creatives Team
A330 First Class

Why is it important to you to raise the importance of women in the aviation industry?

For years, the aviation industry has been male dominated in all aspects. Times are changing and there are more and more women in all roles like mechanics and engineers, not just interior design, or sales/marketing.

ACJ220 Lounge
ACJ220 Master Bedroom

What do you love most about working in the aviation industry?

This is a small industry and the bond that you make with people, not just your fellow colleagues and suppliers, but also with your clients, are relationships you truly have for a lifetime.

A330 Master Bedroom
BBJ Main Lounge

What would your advice be to younger women trying to break into the aviation industry?

Be open to all opportunities as this is a unique field that allows you to meet interesting people and to travel the world.

BBJ Master Bedroom
BBJ 767 detail image