Andrew Winch Honoured with Kingston University's Prestigious Honorary Doctorate

Kingston University has awarded Andrew Winch with an Honorary Doctorate of Art and Design, in recognition for his outstanding contribution to 3D design. The ceremony, held on the University campus, recognised Andrew’s outstanding contributions to the design industry and his dedication to nurturing young talent.

Having walked the halls of Kingston University as a student 45 years ago, Andrew Winch graduated in 1979 with a degree in 3D Design. In 1986, he founded Winch Design and fast forward to the present, he is still as committed to shaping the future of design.

Winch Design is currently supporting a full undergraduate scholarship at Kingston University. This scholarship covers the entire cost of fees for a deserving design student, providing them with a unique opportunity to pursue their passion without financial constraints. This initiative reflects Andrew Winch's commitment to giving back to the educational institution that played a pivotal role in his own professional journey.

The collaboration between Winch Design and Kingston University extends beyond financial support. Winch Design actively engage with the University by providing design briefs for student projects. This hands-on involvement not only enriches the academic experience for students but also offers them valuable insights into real-world design challenges. Additionally, Winch Design is actively involved in internship programmes, providing students with practical exposure to the dynamic field of design.

The honorary doctorate celebrates Andrew’s achievements as well as the successful partnership between Winch Design and Kingston University, creating a legacy of mentorship and collaboration in the world of design education.