Winch Design and Summit Furniture preview new collection on World Oceans Day

In celebration of World Oceans Day, Winch Design and Summit Furniture are delighted to present their latest concept, ‘Arc in Colour’.

The collection is an updated line of exterior furniture designed for both comfort and sustainability. The vibrant colours of the chair backs are woven from regenerated nylon yarn, which is created from recycled ghost nets and textile waste, helping to reduce marine pollution.

High quality, sustainable, plantation-grown teak has been used to manufacture the frames, ensuring that the collection is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. The ‘Arc in Colour’ collection is tactile and features curves that offer both comfort and support, providing a relaxing and stylish solution for outdoor dining or lounging.

Ghost nets are discarded or lost fishing nets that continue to drift and entangle marine life. These abandoned nets, which can be several kilometres long, pose a significant threat to marine ecosystems and wildlife as they continue to catch and kill fish, turtles, dolphins, and other marine animals. Recycling these discarded fishing nets helps to prevent them from polluting the oceans and harming marine life. By turning them into new products, the nets are kept out of the ocean and can no longer trap and kill marine animals. Ghost nets not only contribute to marine pollution but also damage coral reefs and other fragile habitats. They are often difficult to locate and remove, making them a persistent problem for coastal communities, fishermen, and marine conservationists.

The ‘Arc in Colour’ collection is a testament to the idea that great design and sustainability can go hand in hand.