Interiors Craftsmen at London Craft Week

We were so excited to participate in London Craft Week 2021, showcasing the talented makers who joined Under Winch’s Wing in 2020, an initiative designed to support valued craftspeople throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Situated in the exquisitely crafted British Luxury Craft Pavilion at The Chelsea Barracks’ Garrison Suite, guests had the chance to meet wood carvers, furniture makers, embroiderers, ceramicists and textile designers who have helped create some of Winch’s most iconic projects. They were given the opportunity to learn about their craft and gain an insight into what it takes to create work for such discerning clients.

In the afternoon, Andrew spoke about craftsmanship at the highest level; offering insights into the realities of craftsmanship on bespoke superyachts, private jets and private residences.

All proceeds from ticket sales went to the ocean conservation charity, The Blue Marine Foundation.