The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust was established in 1990 to help support craftspeople of all ages and backgrounds by funding their scholars for courses, apprenticeships or one-on-one training with masters. Winch Design has always been passionate about investing in craftsmanship and nurturing British talent, so is delighted to announce that Max Bainbridge, Co-founder of Forest + Found, is now named as the official Winch Design Scholar.

Based in Waltham Forest, Max explores traditional ways of working to produce contemporary sculptural objects that sit between arts and craft. Taking the natural shape and form of the wood as a starting point, he uses woodturning, hand carving and elemental processes to create objects that are reflective of the making process; each piece displaying the physical effort that goes into its conception through the marks left on the surface. Working with wood sourced directly from the landscape, his work forms a deep connection to place through the ritualistic relationships he builds between objects and their origin.