Studio Winch introduces Project Antwerp

Studio Winch has designed the ultimate recording studio for GRAMMY Award-winning producer and electronic dance music icon AFROJACK - a timeless space fully immersed in sound and creativity, an environment in which to work but also unwind. Studio Winch specialises in the interior design and decoration of both residential and commercial spaces embracing art, culture and contemporary and heritage references to curate spaces with personality.

Taking inspiration from AFROJACK’s passion for superyachts, the team designed a secret midnight library with detailing inspired by the night sky and motifs reminiscent of the Art Deco period. The generous recording studio, living area and six bedrooms eliminate all logistical restrictions, and allow creativity to flow freely for artists.

The surrounding studio house provides accommodation for guests with contrasting transitional spaces that use the traditional Flemish architecture and floor to ceiling windows to create an airy and calm environment. The bedrooms within the studio house are reflective of those found in a New York city loft with a mixture of mid-century and modern pieces. Each room is underpinned by a neutral tonal palette and layered with colourful accents creating a relaxed and youthful interior.