The next chapter begins for Winch Design

After 37 years nestled in the heart of Barnes, Winch Design is moving down river this summer, signalling the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the business.

The studio was founded in 1986 by Andrew Winch and his wife, Jane, and the expansion of Winch Design over the years has seen the team occupy eight different buildings in Barnes, Southwest London – spreading from the iconic Old Fire Station into the neighbouring buildings. In this part of London, the river itself is a constant presence, along with the hum of the jets flying into Heathrow. Both have a relevance to Winch Design, which embraces projects for sea, air, and land. The team is now made up of over 150 talented individuals, across the yachts, aviation, and architecture studios.

Fuelled by a vision of unity and efficiency, we have diligently sought out a singular studio space that can accommodate the entire team. We have discovered a spectacular new location in Putney, which is set to become the vibrant hub for Winch Design's creative endeavours.

Situated across the two top floors, the new studio is not only more expansive but also radiates with natural light and is more sustainable. The roof terrace offers breath-taking views of the park and river. The thoughtful design ensures the workspace is not just functional but also provides a source of inspiration for the talented team at Winch Design. The space encourages collaboration, featuring dedicated work zones, inviting social spaces, an extensive material library, and multiple presentation areas. The dynamic setup reflects Winch Design's commitment to providing a synergistic experience for clients, seamlessly integrating services across the yachts, aviation, and architecture teams.

The relocation to Putney is not merely a change of address; it represents a strategic move to centralise the diverse talents that drive Winch Design's success. The prospect of having the entire creative team under one roof is highly anticipated, promising a fusion of ideas and expertise that will undoubtedly propel the studio to new heights.

Our alchemy of diverse talent is our strength, and the benefits of bringing everyone together under one roof are immeasurable. We look forward to creating a truly collaborative environment that nurtures innovation and excellence.

The move is scheduled for this summer and Winch Design extends a warm invitation to clients and friends of Winch to join us in celebrating our new home!