Vezzini & Chen win the Excellence in Craftsmanship Award at BOAT International Artistry & Craft Awards 2024

At the spectacular Superyacht Design Festival in Kitzbühel, Austria, the highly esteemed duo, Vezzini & Chen, were honoured with the Excellence in Craftsmanship Award at the BOAT International Artistry & Craft Awards.

The dynamic duo, consisting of Ceramicist Cristina Vezzini and Glass Blower Stan Chen specialise in bespoke sculptural hand-crafted lighting and glassware. They were commissioned by Winch Design to create the sculptural light fitting for superyacht Amoa. Within the 70m yacht, a thematic journey through the oceans unfolds, with each room assuming a unique character, style, and material palette.

The installation Vezzini & Chen fitted, titled ‘Water and Sand’ stands as a testament to their meticulous attention to detail and visionary artistry. The one-of-a-kind piece wraps the walls of a staircase and draws inspiration from the intricate textures of marine life. Chen's hand-blown glass discs symbolise water, while Vezzini's delicate porcelain pieces represent the essence of sand. Four years of dedication led to each disc or piece varying in design and size. The strategic positioning of the lighting captures the shadows and reflections elegantly, evoking refractive underwater micro-details. As the industry looks towards the future, Vezzini & Chen's innovative approach promises to continue reshaping the landscape of superyacht craftsmanship, setting new standards for excellence. 

The judges were eager to honour another exceptional craftsman, Paul Jewby, who also worked on Amoa. Commissioned by Winch Design, Jewby artfully crafted 22 door panels, each showcasing 13 distinct designs in exquisite oak. His outstanding work not only earned him the Judges' Special Award but also celebrated his mastery of traditional techniques.