Winch Design, in conjunction with Boat International and Cloud Yachts, has created their first series of NFTs, with all profits benefitting ocean conservation.

Winch Design’s NFT “Message in a Bottle” is the first in a series of three very distinct visuals and is a message to the wider world about the importance of ocean conservation. 

B.O.B (Bio Observation Bottle) is an oceanographic marine research pod. Its bottle shaped hull symbolises the plastic litter in the water, whilst the spherical interior embodies Earth and the need to protect it.

Message in a Bottle will go live at 1pm BST on June 10th during Boat International’s Ocean Talks event. Cloud Yachts, the leader in the NFT yachting space, will be facilitating the auction on the OpenSea platform.

All proceeds will go to Oceans without Borders and Yachts for Science. Oceans without Borders is dedicated to marine conservation and community development, working to care for land, wildlife and people through a partnership between Africa Foundation and &BEYOND. Yachts for Science brings together yacht owners and crew with marine scientists and researchers to create relationships that provide a vital platform for information sharing, to bring about the protection and recovery of our oceans.