Winch Design for The Rug Company is a collection inspired by nature’s organic forms and specifically by the details found on land, in the air and at sea; realms in which Winch creates its individually tailored homes. Each design encapsulates the beautiful textures of the natural world; sand underfoot, the clear blue of tropical seas, bursts of sunlight through the sky and rolling clouds after the rain falls. The unique designs have been expertly translated into striking masterpieces for the floor by The Rug Company and its master craftsmen. The new collection will be launched during the London Design Festival in September, at an exhibition in The Rug Company’s King’s Road showroom, which will celebrate the collaboration and the inspirations behind the designs.

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Pictured above, Meridian Aqua, where bold silk lines fan out from the central point of the design, like a burst of bright sunlight over an open landscape. This design is available in two colourways, below, Meridian Sand. 

Riviera was inspired by the ocean and was designed to emulate the light reflecting off ripples of water in the shallows of a calm sea. Delicate movements and reflective light are captured through the clever use of turquoise blues, greys and subtle pinks, the final effect being of water reflecting the soft light of the setting sun. A gentle ombre graduation from one end of the rug to the other gives the impression of deepening water, as though the viewer is paddling out to sea, leaving the sandy beach behind.

Cirrus is a rolling landscape of atmospheric colours and shapes, creating the illusion of bright sunlight hitting inky storm clouds after heavy rain. Contrasting indigos, blues, greys and creams are expertly blended like an oil painting in this piece inspired by the skies.

Plume takes inspiration from the textures and colours of a plume of beautiful feathers, fanning dramatically across the floor. The inky blues, greys, and soft ambers of the feathers are layered in such a way that the final impression is of overlapping birds’ wings, bringing rich dimension, texture and drama to any space..