Winch Design and Turnstyle have enjoyed a long-standing partnership for many years, and Turnstyle designs can be found on many Winch projects, on land, in the air and at sea. It was an easy decision for both Turnstyle and Winch to decide to collaborate together, creating Turnstyle's first ever collaboration in their 27 year history. It was clear from the beginning of the design process that there was a strong synergy between the studios. 

Winch Design takes endless inspiration from the natural world, and the spirit of which is embodied in Labyrinth. The design is inspired by a mix of complex geometric and organic tones which mimicks the intricate patterns of brain coral, yet the final effect is reminiscent of a maze.

Labyrinth is a bold, strong design with a high visual inpact.

The collection consists of large door pulls, cabinet D handles, furniture knobs, mortise T bar handles and window handles, enabling the client to utilise and coordinate the design throughout any project.

Grips are hand cast and available in five beautiful finishes. These are further complimented by eight variations of distinct metal finishes for the brass work, giving clients a choice of over 40 combinations, as well as custom options.

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