Palestrina London

Suzanne Whitehead, Managing Director of Palestrina London, began her working life in the fashion business but subsequently found her niche in the more civilised world of home textiles and has worked in the industry now for over 35 years. As she grew the embroidery business she found herself increasingly absorbed in this highly challenging specialist product. The constant variety of bespoke work guarantees that no two days are the same, providing the perfect stimulus for creative expression.

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Suzanne has thoroughly enjoyed working with the talented Winch team for well over a decade and is proud to have played a part in the creation of some of the world’s most beautiful interiors that Winch have designed for their clients. In search of taking her skills to another level she teamed up with Mathew Gomez at Turnell & Gigon and created Palestrina London – a specialist hand embroidery company supplying exquisite, bespoke hand embroidery designs to the world’s most discerning interior designers. The confidential nature of this specialist work generally prohibits sharing any images so Suzanne has carefully put together a focused range to show just some of the possibilities of this timeless and incredibly skilled hand embroidery work.

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