Paul Jewby

Paul Jewby is a woodcarver and sculptor based in Suffolk, trained in the traditional styles of 18th century ornaments and furniture. His scope of work encompasses all forms, including the restoration of 18th century gilt wood furniture through to architectural ornaments and carved furniture. Paul also creates abstract and contemporary sculptures which he fuses with traditional elements and techniques. Two notable projects of Paul’s include a breathtaking 11m high carved wall which ascends up alongside the staircase of one of Winch’s yachts, as well as the reinstatement of the carved dragons for the Great Pagoda at Kew Gardens. In 2007 he was awarded Artisan of the Year by Country Living magazine, for his outstanding skill of a traditional craft.

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Paul has been passionate about carving since he first started at the age of 19. He has a love for ornaments and decoration which are well made and crafted by the great makers of the past such as Grinling Gibbons. These great makers inspire and drive Paul to produce his own work to the same standard. He is a perfectionist and will only ever create work of an exceptional quality. His work is evolving and moving in a more abstract modern style but he still looks to incorporate traditional elements of ornament and design and utilise traditional techniques wherever he can.

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