Greig Jolly

Greig originally joined Winch Design in 2005 for a year as a Junior Designer after graduating from Coventry University with a degree in Automotive Design. Greig went on to follow his passion for automotive design elsewhere but re-joined the team in 2008, lured by the prospect of working on Private Jet projects. Currently a Partner within the Yachts and Aviation department, Greig enjoys working on wide body aircraft projects, delivering the largest to date in 2021. He has also been a linchpin in developing the 74m Amels series before moving onto the 60m series.

Fun Facts:

Happy place / favourite holiday destination “where you’ll find them when not at work” - Watching motor racing at Goodwood in the sunshine with friends and a pint of beer. Failing that the Isle of Skye with a dram of single malt

Favourite artist /designer / architect? - I really like the work of Kai and Sunny, who use thousands of thin, coloured flowing lines to create really dynamic, abstract pictures

WD project most proud of? - Delivering the first fully VVIP Boeing 787 Dreamliner