Downward Arrow

Jim Dixon has worked at Winch Design for over 20 years and took on the role of Director, Yachts and Aviation in 2018. Having learnt the craft of ‘how things go together’ in his formative years training as a furniture maker and designer, Jim has applied his eye for detail and perfection to many areas of the design business; his unique analysis of three-dimensional problems and beautiful aesthetics has helped create some of the studio’s most memorable signature projects. Jim’s meticulous eye for detail keeps the team working to their maximum potential. He’s respected for his design direction, creativity and boundless energy, from concept to completion.


One of my favourite artists is David Hockney for his brave use of colour, scale and brushstroke. Santiago Calatrava, Alvar Aalto and Anish Kapoor also rank highly for me. 

My go-to cuisine is Thai and to drink: whisky or Guinness. I’m inspired by many people, including Sir David Attenborough, Mies van der Rohe and my wife, Nuala! I love spending hours exploring the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The boat I love the most is the Mahogany Thames Slipper Launch and plane, the ‘Connie’ Super Constellation - the epitome of grace in a propeller-driven aircraft. 

My favourite design style is Japanese Wood Craft, I find the attention to detail, precision and level of mastery required completely mesmerising.