At the age of 23, Lucas Pinton took over the Pinton family business, that specialises in rugs, carpets and hand-woven tapestries. He has guided the company towards a new and exciting future whilst ensuring the protection and consolidation of his company’s heritage, his people and the French “savoir-faire”, values he holds close to his heart. Over the past 17 years the Pinton workshops have been resurrected to their former glory. It was a huge task to train, develop, and rebuild on the foundations of a company rich in history, expertise, and artisans. However, Lucas Pinton is a young entrepreneur who has successfully modernised the precious heritage of his company with intuition and humility.

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Pinton is the benchmark for bespoke Aubusson carpets and tapestries, with partners, suppliers and employees who are fully invested in the continued success of the company. In 2009, the Pinton workshops received the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Enterprise) label. This recognition was bestowed by the French government for the excellence of their know-how, innovation, and their commitment to perpetuating the age-old craft of Aubusson textile weaving for generations to come.

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