South Africa
Private Residence

Cliffside Residence

Winch Design has realised a striking private residence, designed for up an international businessman, Winch has created the ultimate inside-outside home, providing space that epitomises tranquillity, celebrating the amazing Cape, and the light and the colours of the sea and sky. Taking four years to complete, the seven-storey contemporary beach house perches on a Cape Town cliff top, boasting 180-degree views across the South Atlantic Ocean with the rear of the property nestled into the rocky mountain face behind. The architectural design, created of timber, stone and glass, was created by Winch.

It is crisp, geometric and inspired by the elements. It offers a striking visual statement, softened by the expansive stretches of integrated landscape. Inside, the spaces are inspired by the earthy colours and textures of The Cape; with hints of the cerulean and cobalt blues of Clifton Beach reflected in the bespoke furnishings. Textures of the rock face are found in the various marble and stones, and the feeling of Cape Town’s beaches is emulated through the use of hand knotted, natural fabrics underfoot. Winch has brought the mountains and ocean inside, creating the ultimate, element defying, beach house inspired home.