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To create a successful VVIP aircraft, enhancing the perception of luxury interior space whilst retaining all the practical usability of the aircraft is vital and core to Winch Design's approach. Copper's layout allows you to see down the length of the aircraft as you enter into a large double space, connected yet visually separated by a copper mesh screen. The client has a large family so it was important everyone could relax, dine and work close together, but also have the ability to do those things with some element of privacy if required.

The aft area of the aircraft can be configured in a number of different ways depending on preference, either as two completely separate and private bedrooms with bathrooms, or as a private office or TV lounge that can be converted to a large private master suite. The forward area can be configured for either short range missions; whereby the galley is more compact but the carry on storage is larger; or long-range missions, where a larger galley is important and a second guest bathroom is added. Copper details and innovative accent lighting throughout harmonise the aircraft's interior and create a warm, modern space to relax at 39,000 ft.