The Scabetti Studio was founded in 1999 by Dominic Bromley and was later joined by his wife, Frances. From their studio in Leek, Staffordshire, they and their small team combine the artistry of sculpture with product design. With origins in the field of industrial design and potteries, they pioneered their signature suspended ceramic sculptures which are now found in prominent locations over the world. They work with ceramics, glass, steel and wood to create multiples of the same form which are suspended in animation around a source of light.

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Scabetti are best known for their bespoke comissions: Shoal and Ascension. Each individual piece carries the same sculptural detail as the original and reflects and transmits light through its translucent ceramic body. Each piece is created in the Scabetti studio and carefully packaged as a complete sculpture, arriving with a certificate of authenticity signed by Frances and Dominic. They aim to locally source their materials and production, bringing sculptures together in their purpose-built studio. Their output is small in number but large in reach, with attention to detail and focus on integrity of utmost importance.

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