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Our clients lead us everywhere when it comes to design inspiration and intent, and so do our imaginations. We are inspired by culture, colour, history, art, people, moments and movements. Studio Winch has no house style and approaches every project with fresh energy and focus, always keeping the client or the brief at the centre. 

The Studio Winch team create tailored spaces that fit like a glove and to achieve this, call upon their specialist interest and knowledge of the most beautiful pieces, places and people to source unique items that add character to interior spaces, whatever the brief. 


Different cultures from around the world and pivotal cultural moments throughout history have contributed a plethora of colours, patterns, trends and iconic design tropes to our lives. We look to the past, present and future to check-in with what’s happening in the world around us, as culture is dynamic, as design should always be.


Travelling will always broaden our horizons by expanding our understanding of design, colour, patterns material and process. Our design team is adventurous and willingly dive into a new city or country, and at every opportunity seek to become immersed in new ideas and inspirations from overseas.


The people who take risks are the ones who make the biggest waves and redefine our collective futures. There are so many inspiring individuals who we admire, who have set the course of design evolution on a different path owing to their creativity, vision and dedication to individual expression.


Our history books are bursting full of art, detail and design and in every era one can find something important and iconic that’s defined that period in time. Whether it be fashion, art or architecture, looking back can often take you somewhere beautiful into the future.

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