Victoria Bain

Victoria Bain established her textiles studio in 2000 and now works with world-leading interior designers on projects for high profile residential clients; 5-star hospitality; prestigious superyacht projects; and key influential property developers. Victoria is both Founder and Director. She studied at Chelsea College of Art in London followed by Edinburgh College of Art. She encountered the mastery of embroidery during her design studio years in Paris where she gained a consummate knowledge of haute couture, and from this a sensibility and high regard for craftsmanship.

“I believe that for greater understanding and connection with the end product, the provenance of each design is so important”

Victoria Bain offer a range of products from embroidered panels for curtain leading edges, to soft furnishings, upholstery and walling applications. The work to leave the studio is renowned for its versatility, unique and rich textural embellishment, and for its innovative approach to the application of machine and hand guided embroidery across a wide variety of substrates. Extensive research taking from six months to a year goes into her annual collection - and each bespoke realisation takes around twelve weeks. Each item is manufactured by carefully sourced and extremely skilled embroidery teams based in the UK and Europe. Victoria’s unparalleled knowledge of embroidery stitch has passed through to her gifted team of embroiderers.