Warja Borges, Owner, Unique Aircraft

Warja Borges was born in Munich, Germany and raised by an artist (her mother) who opened her eyes to culture and art by travelling with her from an early age, leading to her decision to study design. After four years studying interior architecture and design, and a number of years creating interiors for residences and offices, Warja got the chance to work with Reiner Heim Aircraft Interior Design. She spent ten years working with his team designing bespoke interiors for various customers and aircraft types in cooperation with well-known completion centres. In 2010, she started her own business Unique Aircraft and became an independent designer, working with clients and aviation facilities worldwide. Warja Borges´ inventive skills, combined with 23 years knowledge of engineering constraints in aircraft allow her to extend the limits in aircraft design. Passionate about designing interiors that make the passengers forget the inconvenience of travel, she builds the bridge between the customer´s vision and the feasibility in aviation.

Why is it important to you to raise the importance of women in the aviation industry?

Talents and skills do not know gender. To achieve the best results for our clients we need them all. That’s why we need to create a better balance in our still male heavier industry.

What do you love most about working in the aviation industry?

When studying interior architecture, I dreamt of working internationally, visiting countries around the world, learning about different cultures, habits, lifestyles, art and traditions. At the time, I didn’t even know if such an industry existed, but it has somehow found me. The combination of engineering challenges and design solutions are my daily motivator to exceed expectations.

What would your advice be to younger women trying to break into the aviation industry?

Your only limit is your mind. Don’t be shy, go for it, try it out and find yourself.