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As a member of PRIME, we have a great forum to share ideas and best practice between other like-minded businesses whilst also having a clear structure on which to further improve our business. PRIME works alongside our Life Worth Living strategy, and has been a powerful aid in keeping us on track, and focused on achieving our sustainability goals.

The PRIME principals are:

1) Being Environmentally Better

2) Embracing Sustainable Innovation

3) Spreading the Word

4) Delivering Impact

5) Making a Difference

6) Being Accountable

The PRIME system does not allow us to “buy a badge” or “set a target and walk away” but it does reward continuous small improvements and to make a real difference, we believe that the PRIME Principles need to become engrained in our organisation’s everyday culture and we are going to try and make that so.

We obtained our first official PRIME score in September 2022, you can track our progress and how WD measure up against each PRIME principal by clicking on our PRIME Score.

To learn more about the PRIME Principles and how they can help you to achieve sustainable business beyond the balance sheet visit

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